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Regula Staempfli english: Digital Swiss Cheese. Democracy Data GAP

Regula Staempfli
Author of "Digital Swiss Cheese: The Democracy Data Gap"

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translated and read by Sam Reed, MA

„Digital democracy“ is actually an oxymoron: „Digital“ means artificial, whereas“Democracy“ is worldly. And when it comes to democracy, the virtual world is like Swiss cheese: full of holes. What has so far been called „data bias“ isnot merely encoded prejudice, but a methodological gap. Uncritical coding keeps the real world on ideological crutches. Political philosopher Regula Staempfli’s article is a plea: not just for democracy to be digitalized, but that digitalization should finally be democratized.

Keywords: platform capitalism, digitalization, big data, black box systems, corona crisis, data protection, transaction tax

„All livining creatures are born free, but is everywhere chained by data.“


Full Article: First published in swissfuture, dec 2020 on „The Future of the Future Research“. Quote: Regula Staempfli, Digital Swiss Cheese: The Democracy Data Gap, Zurich, swissfuture research publications, 2020.